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Bespoke, British-Made Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Cylinders & Power Packs

From BSP to ORFS, have a read to find out about thread patterns!

There are many different variations of thread when it comes to hose fittings. We have compiled some information and measurement charts on a few of the more common threads that we see here at ABCo.


British Standard Pipe Thread or BSP is one of the most widely recognised thread patterns. Whilst most common in the UK, BSP has been adopted by many countries worldwide, particularly in Europe. There are two main types of BSP thread: British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread (BSPP) and British Standard Pipe Tapered Thread (BSPT).

Please see below for the pattern measurement chart.

SizeDash SizeTPIBSPP Male O.D (mm)BSPT Male O.D (mm0BSPP Female I.D (mm)BSPT Female I.D (mm)
¼” -4191312.811.911.2
⅜” -61916.516.315.214.7
½” -81420.820.419.118.3
⅝” -101422.822.520.820.6
1” -161133.132.630.729.7
1 ¼” -201141.841.139.438.6
1 ½” -241147.74745.544.5


Joint Industry Council Thread or JIC, is another popular thread commonly used for hydraulic systems. Being predominantly used in North America, JIC fittings have become increasingly popular throughout the global industrial and agricultural industries.

Please see below for the pattern measurement chart.

Size Dash Size Thread Male O.D (mm)Female I.D (mm)Hex (mm)
3.8”624 UNF9.58.614
7/16” 720 UNF11.11017
½” 20 UNF 12.711.617
9/16” 918 UNF14.31319
¾” 1216 UNF 19.117.622
⅞” 1414 UNF22.220.527
1 1/16” 17 12 UNF 27 24.632
1 3/16” 1912 UNF 30.128.336
1 5/16” 21 12 UNF33.331.341
1 ⅝” 2612 UNF41.339.250
1 ⅞” 30 12 UNF 47.645.660
2 ½” 4012 UNF 63.561.575

Light/Heavy Series Metric

Metric fittings come in a range of standardised thread patterns and are available in both a Heavy and Light variations. Typically used in Europe, Heavy/Light Series shares many characteristics with other British threads such as BSP.

Please see below for the pattern measurement chart.

Thread Tube O.D LightTube O.D HeavyMale O.D (mm)Female I.D (mm)


ORFS or O-Ring Face Seal, is another popular type of fitting thread that is used in many OEM machines worldwide. Popular for its high performance in creating and maintaining a high-pressure seal as well as having good vibration resistance.

Please see below for the pattern measurement chart.

Size Dash Size Thread Male O.D (mm) Female I.D (mm)Hex (mm)
9/16”918 UNF14.21319
11/16”1116 UNF17.515.922
13/16”1316 UNF20.619.124
1”1614 UNF25.423.830
1 3/16”1912 UNF30.128.236
1 7/16”2312 UNF36.534.241
1 11/16”2712 UNF 42.940.550
2”3212 UNF 50.848.860

So how does ABCo come into this?

Well, we can manufacture and assemble many variations of hose from our facilities in Nottinghamshire. We keep plenty of fittings in stock up including some of the patterns we have mentioned in this article.

Should you require a valve or fitting, then you can browse our Hose, Couplings & Valves range! If you would like a replacement hose assembled you can get in touch with us via phone or email.


How can I get in touch?

You can either call us on 01636 812 674, email, message us via social media or visit our trade counter.

Where are you located?

You can find our premises at Mill Park, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0ET.

Do you offer any other products or services?

As well as hose assemblies, we produce high- quality products such as power packs and high pressure pumps. We manufacture bespoke cylinders and distribute premium garage equipment, including the MEGA product range. 

We also design and manufacture a range of commercial pit jacks. For more information please give us a call!

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