Bespoke, British-Made Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Cylinders & Power Packs
Bespoke, British-Made Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Cylinders & Power Packs

Want to know how we repair hydraulic cylinders and replace hose assemblies? Explore our guide to discover all the ins and outs of our quick and efficient repair services available in Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

What we do

Since 1972, we have been using our specialist expertise to repair and test all types of cylinder, including double/single acting, displacement and multi stage cylinders. We can deal with many issues, from a broken seal or bent rod to a weld crack. 

We also manufacture and assemble many variations of hose. These include 1 + 2 wire and multispiral, with fitting thread patterns from BSP and JIC to light/heavy series Metric styles.

The process: cylinders

We start the ram repair process by inspecting the cylinder and assessing the damage. Once we’ve diagnosed the initial problem, we then carefully strip the cylinder and carry out a detailed inspection of each component. 

If the repair is straightforward - such as a seal replacement - then we proceed. If the damage is more complex, we quote for the repair or replacement of any damaged parts and, subject to customer approval, carry out the necessary repairs and re-assemble.

On completion, we pressure test on our test rig to ensure the cylinder performance and quality standards have been met. All our repairs are guaranteed.

The process: hoses

We can manufacture a hose based on given specifications or you can drop off the damaged hose to us and we’ll produce a high-quality replacement as per sample. Once we have understood your requirements, we will then manufacture the hose to suit and pressure test on our test rig. 

Here at ABCo, we want to be certain that you walk away with a functioning cylinder or hose. Safety is a number one priority and we always take the risk-free approach to a repair to maximise lifespan and performance. As stated we can build to best suit your requirements. All repair work and servicing is done in an efficient manner and the highest standard of quality. Simply enquire today via telephone, email or online our contact form. 


How long does it take?

Subject to the work required, we offer a quick turnaround. We aim to complete large repairs in a few days and for smaller repairs in under 24 hours. 

How much will it cost?

The cost will always depend on the level of work needed. Once we have inspected the cylinder or hose and understand all the factors (such as materials required) you’ll receive a quote.

How can I get in touch?

You can either call us on 01636 812674, email, message us via social media or visit our trade counter.

Where are you located?

Our trading office is at Mill Park, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0ET

Do you offer any other products or services?

We design and manufacture high-quality products such as standard and bespoke hydraulic cylinders, high pressure pumps, power packs and commercial pit jacks. All of which we can repair and service ourselves from our factory in Nottinghamshire.

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