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MEGA 15 Ton Bench Mounted Press (955-KSC-15A)


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MEGA 15 Ton Bench Mounted Press

New, compact and functional design which integrates all the hydraulic elements within the chassis, provides a saving in the workshop space and ensures protection in transport. Supplied fully assembled and ready for work. Winch to assist easy and rapid handling of the workbench. Different pump options: single or two speed manual and manual-pneumatic, depending on the working speed required. Set of two V blocks included and legs with boltholes for fixing to the floor. Pressure gauge with damper to extend its working life. It is positioned at eye level to make for easy reading. Workbench adjustable for height. Automatic spring return piston. The KP-100 press is equipped with a double-acting cylinder and has a two-speed manual pump. We do, however, recommend the electric pump. The KP-30A model is equipped with the BK-05 onespeed pump



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